Just like old times [ 2009-06-06, 1:04 a.m. ]

I actually went out tonight!! I know! It's a miracle!!!

I went to L@ne Bryant today and did some much much needed clothes shopping. Bought a really cool top that I wore with black jeans and my black chunky-heeled boots. I think I looked pretty good.

When I got to the new club, I immediately saw my old boss, Jeff. He told the door person that I was on the permanent guest list. Booyah! I went in and got myself a vodka with sugar free Red Bull. I walked around a little and then went up to the dj booth cause that's where I always end up anyway. Calvin, who was one of the djs at the old club and whom I also keep up with on Facebook, was in the booth doing the music. We chatted a bit and then I people watched for a while and kinda shimmyed to the music. They're playing a combo of 70's rock with New Wave thrown in and some late 80's Modern Rock. Kinda trying to find what will work since it's the grand opening and all. When I got there at 9:30 there was a fair sized group there and as the hour went by it started to really fill up which is really cool.

I sat at the bar for a while and talked to Alison who used to bartend at the karaoke bar. Saw a couple of the regulars from there also. Then I made my way back up to the dj booth. While I was up there a girl of maybe 30ish or so came up to me and asked how she maybe knew my face. We concluded it might be from the old club. Most likely she was maybe 18 when she went there. Or maybe she's older than that. Hard to tell with some people. I did dance a few songs. And when I dance I usually put everything into it unlike most of the people there. Just the way I am. Bum legs and all. Of course, I'm now icing my ankle but I don't care.

I did leave at midnight cause I knew my stamina wasn't too high and I would have to be able to work tomorrow. Luckily, I close so I don't go to work till 2:30.

I am out of town the next two weekends but I will definitely go back. I felt comfortable there.

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