Soul Sister, baby! [ 2009-09-09, 3:37 p.m. ]

Last night was fun. But the day started with me having an hour and a half of sleep and then working 8 hours. And I didn't take time to eat dinner when I got home which was stupid. I went to a bar next to the venue to meet up with a few people. April, whom I met at the new dance club a few months ago. She remembered me from the club from 16 years ago (!) (people do that to me quite often. Remember me from places but I am awful, absolutely awful about remembering people. Part of it is time and age but also the fact that I'm not one to look people dead in the face much. Too shy.)Anywho, we know each other from Facebook now and Alex, whom I worked with at the club and hadn't seen since 1993 was going because hey, it's the Cult. He knew April from having worked with her at a record store in the 80's. She's just a few years younger than us but not by much.

Anyway, I sat there and drank 3 beers, which was very odd for me. Talked and caught up with Alex. He had a friend going to the show with him, Kev. We wandered over to the venue close to 9pm and proceeded to lose April and her crew. She got up close to the stage while we stayed towards the middle. The opening bands, The Living Things, was pretty good except for the obnoxious lead singer. There must've been some tech issues because the Cult didn't go on till 10:30. Once they did, I danced my butt off and flung my hair around as one does when listening to the Cult.

By the end of the show, I was wearing myself out. During a break in the music, I went and got myself a bottled water. Good thing because a few songs towards the end of the show I felt myself starting to swoon. And not in a good way. The lack of food and sleep caught up with me all at once. If I hadn't had the water I think I would have keeled over. I am such an idiot sometimes.

It was just after midnight when the show ended and the huge crowd quickly dispersed since it was a weekday and everyone was old in that crowd. Work tomorrow, school day (for their kids) and needing to take our arthritis meds were all good reasons to leave. You could practically hear the creaking of all of our old bones. Gave Alex a hug and then headed to the car. I had visions of Wendy's on the way home but changed my mind and got home and had the rest of a frozen pizza that I had halved before.

Of course, I didn't sleep right away because again..I'm a moron. Didn't head to bed till after 4am. Oy vey.

Got up today and went grocery shopping with my mom. I am thankfully off today and tomorrow. Gotta love Labor Day and being able to have 3 days off this week. (I had Sunday off) On FB, a friend of April's that I met last night, Ashley, friended me today. She seemed very nice and cool. I love making new friends.

Tomorrow is dentist appt. and then a massage. And boy, does my body need one now.

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