Reading,writing, listening to... [ 2010-03-11, 1:50 a.m. ]

So. Been a week since I updated. What's up with that? Ok, ok. Had a lot on my mind. Didn't feel like purging it here.

I went to the courthouse this past Monday for that whole stupid lawsuit thing. I went there with Mandy. I know she really didn't want to be there but she went with me anyhow. I don't know. She's a good sister but ... I guess I got my back up when her FB status that morning was "Doing favors". Really? After all the stuff I have done for her? Gah. But I said nothing because I think it's petty to even feel this way about a stupid FB status.

So, yes. We went downtown and going into the courtroom with all these other poor people being sued by junk creditors was weird. But I felt less alone. Unfortunately, unlike a lot of the other lawsuits, mine was not dismissed. I didn't get that fucking paperwork to them in the 20 day cutoff. It was about 14 days. My own stupid fault. So now they still have a judgment against me. Which I guess means they can start this whole thing over again. Whatever. If they do, I've got all the papers ready. Fuck'em.

Ok. Moving on to better things.

I have a tiny little writing job online. It's with Some of you may have heard of them. They have sites for different cities (mine being Charlotte) and use local authors to write about subjects such as business, jobs, family, dating etc.. I am writing about Arts & Entertainment. It pays next to nothing but it will keep my writing muscle toned.

Speaking of muscles... I haven't been to Curves in ages. First it was the right knee (arthritis) giving me grief. And now its this cold that won't go away. Tomorrow morning I'm going to see my psychiatrist to get a prescription for my Pristiq (before the insurance goes away!!) and then I'm going to walk-in clinic to get some antibiotics. My throat is sore and I'm a mucus factory. Lovely.

Two more days left at B&N. Hard to believe. These two weeks have dragged. And I know tomorrow will because of my closing for the last time. Those closing shifts suck monkey balls. But then on Friday I'm 11-730 for my last day. One of the booksellers that I've known a long time gave me a $50 BN gift card. She said it was so I would come and shop there and see everybody. So sweet of her.

And another bookseller that I've known for a few years said to me yesterday that she was sorry I was leaving. That I was somebody who really personified the mood of the store. She really blew me away. I really will miss so many of these people. I've never had a store of people that I got along with so well.

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