Hey, my life is a Meryl Streep movie! [ 2010-05-02, 6:01 p.m. ]

Such a better day today. Though I haven't slept since about midnight last night. That part is not better but I'm managing.

I finally talked with Brooks. He messaged me around 4:30 to say hello. Poor thing is sick to his stomach and working a double shift today. Weekends suck for his work. He's probably working tomorrow (their idiot manager doesn't post the week's schedule till the day before!) but is hopefully on Tuesday. The thing is that I was able to tell myself that the reason he hadn't contacted me was not personal. And it wasn't. Though I was starting to worry that something had happened to him. Not so. Thank God.

I did something kind of major and changed my relationship status on Facebook from Single to In a Relationship and It's Complicated. I have the second part since we haven't declared our love or seen each other since 1984. Long distance relationships are not easy. And definitely complicated.

But I'm just glad I heard from him. I have to pull back from my obsessive attitude when it comes to being with somebody. I get to where I have to know everything. It ain't healthy. And I have to stop myself. At least I can recognize it now.

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