Your attention, please. [ 2010-06-27, 5:34 p.m. ]

Last night I went to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show in the movie theatre for the first time in at least 20 years. I went with Helen and her daughter, Leila, plus a few of Leila's friends (who are around 17). I was originally supposed to go with April and her crew but those plans fell apart. I had a good time but alcohol always makes the Rocky Horror even more fun.

When Helen and I went up front for the Time Warp, one of the people who was in charge of the "actors" (the ones who perform the movie while the movie is going on) asked if I wanted to be FrankNFurter's throne during "Sweet Transvestite". There's a part in the movie when he sits down and it's a person providing the seat by being on all fours. So, alcohol or not, I agreed, of course. I had a man in drag sitting on my back for a minute last night. Hmm...

By the time I got home it was past 3:30am. One of my FB friends (that friended me because of my friendship with April) was quoting Afghan Whigs songs and I quoted right back. I even posted the video for the song. We commented back and forth for a few minutes. I wandered away and came back and he had instant messaged me on FB but was offline by that time.Then when I got online this afternoon he had messaged me to make sure he hadn't said anything bad to me (he'd been drinking) but wanted to talk to me and wanted my phone number. Or he could give me his phone number.

I messaged April and asked about him. She said she really didn't know him. He lives in Chapel Hill, 3 hours away. He had friended her because of her love for the Rolling Stones and had sent her thru email a bunch of unavailable RS stuff. She said he seemed nice and all and to just go for it.

So I sent him a message back and said that if he'd like to send me his phone number we could chat sometime.

Weird. Brooks never once seemed to want to speak to me on the phone. Men are weird, yo.

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