I don't give a damn about my bad reputation [ 2010-09-02, 5:57 a.m. ]

Yes, yes, I know it's been too long.

Last Friday I went to see Tears for Fears in concert. They were great. I totally enjoyed it. What's funny is that on last night's Psych episode, Curt Smith (half of TFF), played himself. I adored that!

Then on Sunday was Billy Idol and Joan Jett in Atlanta. Sunday morning I met up over at Michele and Andy's house. April drove over, too, and we left shortly after 7am in Andy's truck. I haven't taken a road trip like that in a long time. It was fun and a really good way to just have a laid back time. We tried to stalk Billy and Joan by visiting all the hotels in Buckhead, where the venue is. But we had no luck.

The venue was Chastain Park Amphitheater which was not the greatest place. We were a little too far back but the sound was good. Joan rocked the opening set. And Billy was awesome, of course.

We tried to stalk them after the show but again had no luck. Yet that was fun, too. It felt like I was back in high school trying to break rules and not get caught.

That night we stayed at a Residence Inn. April's friend, Caroline and her b/f James had come from Nashville and he had some kind of connection to get a good deal at the place. It slept 6 people. So Andy and Michele got the first floor bedroom and Caroline and James got the upstairs loft bedroom. So then it was April and I on the pull out sofa. Cheryl, who lives in Atlanta, crashed on the couch cushions till MARTA started running again.

Before we went to sleep we went to Waffle House for the ubiquitous late night/post-concert visit. God, I love hashbrowns.

After getting up after 4 hours sleep, we went to the world famous Varsity for lunch. I first heard of the Varsity when IRS's The Cutting Edge on MTV did an interview with the Go-Go's there back in the mid-80's. But all this time I'd never gotten there. I highly recommend it. Cheap but really good food. And great atmosphere.

After that we visited Little Five Points which I have to go to again once I have money again. Such cool shops. I loved it there.

We left around 2:30 to make our way home to Charlotte. We were all so tired and ready for our own beds. That's what being old will do.

I had to work on Tuesday but had yesterday off. I also had a job interview with Teavana yesterday. I'm not sure how it went but it seemed fine. I should know something by Friday night.

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