Her name was Rio [ 2010-10-02, 5:24 a.m. ]

It's been a month since I updated. I don't think I have ever gone this long between updates when I had a computer. I guess I just felt discouraged and didn't want to write about it.

The money problems have really gotten bad. This coming week I'm going to call my car loan people and tell them I have to give up the car. Sigh. I'm not looking forward to that call. But it has to be done. I'm two months behind and can't afford the high payments anyway when I do start drawing a paycheck. (more on that in a moment) plus my car insurance is too high because of those two accidents I was involved with last year that weren't even my fault. Fucking insurance people.

I contacted my eldest sister, Christy, to ask her about a loan. At first it was for the amount that would include my two missed payments and car insurance and cell phone bills. But we talked and she convinced me that it would be better if I just gave up the car. And I had been thinking about it anyway so it wasn't out of the blue. My payments are $360 a month which is ridiculous. I've been paying those for 3 years and I have another 3 years left. They really screwed me over at the car place. Plus, I bought it on impulse instead of looking for something more affordable. So really it's my own fault.

She sent me the money to get my cell phone caught up plus a little bit extra. I'm going to share my mom's Ford Focus which I've driven before and really my mom doesn't do much driving so it will work until I can get a solid down payment saved for another car by next summer.

Anyway, about a paycheck. I had the interview with Blockbuster for a store manager job on a Thursday. Then that next Wednesday I finally got a follow up call from Bath & Body Works which I'd had an interview with several weeks ago. With their change in management things got backed up. So I had a good interview with them and waited to hear from them or Blockbuster. The latter had told me they'd call me on Friday if I was going to have the second interview. I got no call. Which really I think is fine since that week the company filed for Chapter 11. So who knows about the future there?

Over the weekend (last weekend) I started getting really antsy about everything. Really starting to lose hope. I didn't hear from B&B so I called them on Monday and talked to the manager. She told me that she had been waiting to call me with a job offer till she knew what my pay rate would be and that wouldn't be till she saw her district manager on Thursday. So, yes, I have a job as a sales lead. In each store there is a store manager and co-manager who each work 40 hours. Then the sales lead gets the rest of the hours which usually average 25-30 hours. I can live with that for a while. Plus, in the holiday season I can work closer to 40. They do advance people rapidly if you do well so maybe I'll go in that direction.

I go next Friday for orientation and till then I will be my lazy self aside from having to take in my car.

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