A Change Would Do Me Good [ 2010-10-15, 3:59 a.m. ]

As most of you know, nothing in my life is ever simple.

If you remember in my last entry 13 days ago I mentioned that I'd gotten a sales lead job at BBW. But the day before my orientation the manager called to ask if I'd been told my pay rate. I hadn't and she said "The pay rate is $7.30. That's the usual for a seasonal associate." My mind is all "Wha?". I kind of stuttered and said "Ok. So..this isn't for the sales lead?". Nope. I would try to explain this whole thing again but it's confusing. Basically, when I got called for the second interview they mentioned there was a sales lead position that they'd like to talk to me about. So therefore when I was called back again about orientation nobody mentioned what position it was for. I was given the impression from that second interview that I was being considered for the sales lead. So that was very disappointing. I was very angry. I did the mind-numbingly boring orientation with 3 other people last Friday. I'll deal with this while I look for a real job.

To wit, I was looking at craigslist last Saturday for job. I came upon a posting for an Assistant Manager job at a formerly-independent record store in town. It was a small independent chain but was bought by a bigger company a few years ago. It still has a very casual atmosphere (employees wear jeans,t-shirts etc) and they sell lots of different styles of music but mainly alt-rock. Plus, they have a lot of used cds and dvds. Back when I thought I had money to burn, about 10 years ago, I'd go in there about every month or so and buy $100 worth of new music. It was heaven there.

I went on Monday to pick up an application. The cashier said the manager had gone for the day so I might want to bring it back the next day when he was there. I did and the cashier said he'd put it with the couple other apps and the manager would be looking at them. On my drive home I got a call from the manager who wanted to set up a casual one-on-one with me on Wednesday. He mentioned all the experience I had and that he really would like to talk to me right away. I went there at 1pm on Wednesday and the manager,Adam, took me into the office. He was dressed in shorts and t-shirt and was probably in his early 30's. The casual one-on-one was very casual but basically turned into an interview. I probably said something stupid about wanting to leave B&N because of the corporate atmosphere. He did mention that there were definite corporate things at the store because they are owned by one. I felt stupid for saying anything but I think I covered myself ok.

He's going to talk to a few other people and he said he'd call references Friday or Saturday. So, I really hope I get this. The store has a store manager, a senior asst manager and then 4 keyholders who are asst. managers. I would be one of those. I can get do this, I'm sure. If I get it then I could keep the seasonal (and possibly after xmas) position at BBW so then I'd have a decent amount of money coming in. At least enough to get caught up on a few things.

Right now I'm at Kathy and Robert's house in Durham. I had mentioned earlier in the summer that I could cat-sit for them sometime if they wanted to take a few days away. What with 6 cats it isn't easy for them to really get time away. At first I told them I couldn't afford to even come up but they said they'd pay me $120 ($20 a cat!) so here I am. They left Thursday afternoon and will be back on Sunday afternoon.

I haven't been completely alone in a house overnight since I moved out of my apartment 1 1/2 years ago. So freaky to realize that. I was trying to sleep earlier but had no luck so here I am finally updating.

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