Moonlight drive [ 2011-02-15, 1:18 a.m. ]

A couple things to report.

I did get an interview last Thursday with Nordstrom Rack which is opening their first store in my town at the end of March. It was a group thing but not a group interview. They do things a bit differently. There were about 8 or 9 of us applicants. We were in a conference room at a very nice hotel. The store manager spoke to us about the company and his career with the company. We watched a short video that showed employees at one of the stores. Then he introduced all the department managers who came up and talked briefly about their career with the company and what they needed for their department.

After that they called names to do interviews. We were all in one room but at separate tables in a different conference room. You would do one interview with a dept manager then go back to the first room then were called to do a second interview with a different dept manager. I think my interviews went fine. By this time I have my anecdotes down for what to say. But who knows really? They said they would let everyone know within 10 business days. So I'll know by Thursday after next. I know they had a couple more of those group things so it wasn't just our session to pull from.

I would imagine they're hiring at least 20 people but I'm not sure. It could be more. I really want this job. Cross your fingers for me,people. I need money so badly.

It's been almost a year since I left the bookstore. I can't believe that. It feels like yesterday. And looking back I would have done things a lot differently. Tried to really find a job before I left. Because being on the hook like is just agony.

Sigh... Anyway...tomorrow I drive to Asheville by myself to go to the Orange Peel to see Josh Ritter and Scott Hutchison open for him. He's from the Scottish band Frightened Rabbit. That's who I really want to see. But the main purpose of going is to see my friend Christie. If you remember her...over two years ago she moved to Knoxville with her husband and daughter. She used to be my main concert buddy and best friend. We've managed to sort of keep in touch but I haven't seen her since she left! So she asked back in December if I wanted to go and I bought my $15 ticket right away. At first, I thought Robyn was going to drive to the show with me but she didn't want to take the time off work. So now I go solo.

I'm not worried about the drive there. But it will be past midnight by the time I leave Asheville and I really don't like driving at night. Especially by myself. Through the mountains. But...I'm sure it will be fine. I've driven longer shifts at night by myself.

Alrighty,that's it,I think. Take care!

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