Job! [ 2011-02-18, 1:54 a.m. ]

I got a job! The one I mentioned in my last entry. It was a whole thing with phone tag yesterday but they called me back today. Right now it's temporary (45 days after they open on March 31) but they were quick to assure me that to be permanent it's all about performance. So I'll just have to show them my stuff. I'll be in customer service, basically cashiering. But I'm hoping that if..WHEN.. I stay on I can moved into a regular department. But we'll see. The best news is that I'll be making $11.10 an hour. That to me is just astounding considering I'm making 7.30 an hour at BBW.

I go next Friday to do orientation and paperwork from 9-3. It's at the same hotel again. Then a week later I go for diversity training, which only reminds me of The Office episode. Anyway, March 9th I'll go to the actual store and help out getting the place set up.

Part of me is not as excited as I thought I would be. Maybe it's the "temporary" label. I don't know. Sometimes I have a delayed reaction to good news. But yea..I think it's the temporary label. I'll buck up soon.

The concert in Asheville was so much fun. The drive there was good. Only got a bit turned around when I got there but I eventually did. I met Christie at a pizza place and we started up like we had seen each other yesterday instead of 2 years. She's so easy to talk to. She's funny and smart. And our tastes in music are so similar. It's weird that she's only 32. Much like Robyn, who is 28 (I think), Christie is an old soul.

We walked the block up to the Orange Peel and got up near the front and to the side since Christie is short. Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit came out and did his solo thing. He was so good. And funny. And Scottish. :) After he played he came out to the side and we went up to him to tell him we thought he was great and that both of us had driven more than 2 hours to see him. And that we hadn't seen each for 2 years. He was like "I'm bringing people together!" because we'd told him we'd really come to see him. Such a cute Scottish brogue.

Anyway, we went a bit to the back of the crowd but still where Christie could see when Josh Ritter and his band came out. I'm not very familiar with his music but that didn't matter. He was so impressive. I really recommend seeing him as well as Frightened Rabbit. If you can see this tour, do it!

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