Big bam boom [ 2011-04-15, 5:38 p.m. ]

Hello to all two or three of you!

I haven't updated in almost two months, I think. I guess I got so pre-occupied with everything that I didn't really feel like putting it down. So, let's see.

I started the job. We set up the store and opened it up on March 31st. There were about 725 people (mainly women) waiting for that door to open. Crazy, right? I had no idea that N0rdstrom R@ck had such a following. That first week was insane. The middle of the week has calmed down but I'm sure weekends will continue to be BUSY for a while.

I really love the clothes and jewelry we carry. I now have 3 pairs of Betsey Johnson earrings and a pair of her sunglasses. I couldn't resist those since originally they were $76 and we carry them for $19.97. With my 20% discount, how could I not buy them?

I've bought a few blouses as well. Really pretty ones that do well for me at work.

I think I'm doing alright doing my job. Of course, I'm my worst critic so the whole "temporary" thing does get to me sometimes. I really hope they like me enough to keep me around. The thought of looking for another job terrifies me. The good news is that they sent out a letter to everyone in all the Rack stores letting them know that the company had reaccessed the pay rate and wanted to make it more competitive. So, starting April 1st I went from making $11.10 an hour to $12.05 an hour. Nice,eh? What a cool company.

Yesterday I was all ready for work and was wearing my new flats. I had taken off the sticker that was on the bottom but there was still some sticky residue on it. Unbeknownst to me there was a piece of tissue on the bottom of one shoe and when I walked into the kitchen I slipped and my feet went right out from under me. Bam! I landed really hard on the floor and probably took a few years off of my parents' lives. My knees are both sore and my feet don't feel too great. I was determined to try to go to work but halfway there I realized I was still shaken up and my legs and really my whole body was protesting. So I had to call in to work. Hated doing that but there was no way. I was grateful I had today off. I got a massage for my upper body and my shoulders were so tense from the fall. I work this weekend so I hope I can get through it without being too sore. My legs still hurt. :(

Anyway, I'll try to be good and update more. I'm sure I've left some things out.

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