Part Trois [ 2011-05-22, 10:49 p.m. ]

Ha. I can't believe I haven't finished talking about the Twilight Singers show. It just goes to show how worn out being sick and working at the same time has made me. I think I'm about over it but tonight I'm feeling all the congestion again so I'm freaking out that it's coming back at me. I'm doing the neti pot thing so I'll just have to use that several times a day instead of just morning & night. I really hope it doesn't boomerang back at me. That would be hateful.

Before I finish, or attempt to, I better let y'all know about my dad. He fell on Monday 5/16 while he was outside and lost his balance. He broke his right hip. About 5 years ago he fell and broke his left hip. This time his recovery isn't going as fast. Which I guess isn't surprising. We're going to the hospital tomorrow to talk to the financial people about getting him into a rehab center for maybe a couple weeks or however long it takes. Sigh. The stress is not doing my mom any good plus the stress on me and my sisters. I really hope everything works out ok.

Anyway... Continuing from the last entry... I went over with Heidi and Tammy along with Robyn and Gary to talk to Greg Dulli. Heidi was talking first and then Tammy. Finally it was my turn and I talked about the 13-13 club when I saw the Afghan Whigs open for Teenage Fanclub. I reminded him about how he and his bandmates were setting off fireworks with two of our guys and how our off-duty sheriff thought the sounds were guns firing. He came around the corner with his rifle and demanded they get on the floor. He totally remembered that (who wouldn't?) and talked about playing at the other clubs in Charlotte. He has an incredible memory for somebody who has been in a coma for a couple days before and also had a big drug problem for a while. My memory is shit compared to that man's.

I then mentioned that his birthday was soon and that we were temporarily the same age until then. He was like "Oh,yeah? Well,fuck you then!" Oh,my God. That was too funny. I laughed so hard. I told him my life was complete now that Greg had told me to fuck off. He was laughing. Basically,what he meant was "So now I'm old?". And frankly,I think he was flirting with me during our conversation.

As the conversation wound down I then said that we were going to dinner and he would like to join us? He said, no thank you. That he was waiting on a friend. I love that I had the balls to ask that.

So,we went to dinner and we were fangirling out about having talked to him for that long. We rehashed the whole thing over and over. So much fun. :)

The opening band,Margot and the Nuclear So and So's, were great. I love their music. They are my new favorite band. Then after that the Twilight Singers took the stage and just kicked major ass. Greg was phenomenal. One of the best shows I've ever seen. The whole band was so tight. And he looked HOT. What a sexy man. To talk to and to watch. And to listen to. HOT.

I bought a t-shirt which is a bit tight but maybe in a few pounds, who knows? We waited for a while to see if Greg would come out but he left right away. Robyn and I drove back to Charlotte. I was so pumped up that it took me ages to finally sleep that night or really,morning.

So on that Sunday night I was on Facebook still very excited about things and I mentioned to Tammy that we really ought to go to the last show on the tour which is in New Orleans on June 3rd. Long story short, Tammy at first was up for it. But she is going to be starting a job that week so had to back out. I was devastated at first but decided that I should just go by myself anyway. I haven't really had a vacation in 2 years and I haven't been to NOLA since I was 5. So now I've booked my hotel for that weekend in the French Quarter and I'm going to be booking my flight this week. As long as everything just doesn't go to hell before then I'm damn well going. Now what was that last sentence? I think it's just because I'm afraid I'm sick again. Boo.

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