Fortnight [ 2011-08-01, 11:36 p.m. ]

What's up,campers? Been a couple of weeks. And those weeks have been interesting. I will give a recap, mainly for my decrepit self since I can't seem to remember details anymore.

I got a tattoo! It's on my right arm,just at the shoulder. I got the Beatles Apple logo. If you google it,you'll know what I mean. I wanted something that symbolized my love for music and since the Beatles were my first love and will always be my favorite band,it was an easy decision. I went to a place in a cool section of town that I did consult with a few days ahead of time. The guy who did the tattoo was somebody that's been around the music and art scene for a while. He's actually friends with two people I know in town. That scene is so small really in this town. It's really like 1 degree of separation.

It took him about an hour and a half but only cost me $120 plus I gave him a $30 tip. Right now the tattoo is about to start peeling. It's been a bit hurty. Sort of like a bad sunburn. But I still love it. Everyone else has been impressed with how good the artwork is. He really did do a good job.

Anyway... work related stuff. I was walking in the store with my manager and he asked how I was liking it there. I said that in customer service I can sometimes feel my brain turning to mush. That I would really like to move around to other departments. The next day he mentioned to me that there was a full-time position open in the men's dept and was I interested? I said definitely. He did say that customer service is paid more than the other depts so there would be a decrease in pay. But I would be guaranteed at least 32 to 40 hours a week. Which is really important to me since I want to qualify for benefits ASAP. So I came in on my day off to talk with him formally about the position and ended up accepting it. I started last Wednesday. (the day after getting my tattoo)

It's been different. And very hard on my feet since I can't wear the comfortable sandals that I was used to wearing at customer service. They weren't professional looking enough to be worn out on the floor,unfortunately.
There are times when I feel bored because that dept isn't quite as busy as accessories (which I really liked doing back in May). But, for the most part, I like it fine. Today was my 6th day in a row of working. Tomorrow will be my 7th. Then I have two days off. I guess that's one of getting to know the dept. Drop me in it for that many days in a row and it's hard to not know where things are.

I saw the new Harry Potter movie and bawled like a baby. SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT!!!! Snape's death scene was heartbreaking but I do wish it had been a bit longer. However I loved the memories that Harry got to witness. As in the books, Snape is totally vindicated. And the bravest man Harry ever knew. *sniffle* Also...Neville Longbottom is a BADASS! Awesome.

And now for the bad news/good news portion: My dad went back into the hospital again. He was very weak and they found out his blood was too thin. Two reasons for that was a bad bruise he had on his hip from when he fell again a couple weeks ago. But he's also been on coumadin, which is a blood thinner. They took care of the bruise by draining it and took him off of the coumadin for a few days,too. He will hopefully be released tomorrow or Wednesday to another rehab place. My mom and I visited a much better one than the one he had been in and once the insurance gave the go-ahead today,he's all set to go to that one. Thank God. Such a better atmosphere than the last one.

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